Welcome to aPRAW’s documentation!

aPRAW is an asynchronous Reddit API wrapper.


  • Modern Pythonic design using async/await syntax.
  • Automatic handling of rate-limits.
  • Built-in listings and streams for list endpoints.
  • Compatible with previous praw.ini files.
  • Proper OAuth2 support.

Community and Support

If you have any questions regarding aPRAW and its usage…

  • Join the /r/aPRAW subreddit
    • Feel free to post a question in the questions thread or make your own post if it could start a big discussion!
  • Join the aPRAW Discord server
    • Use the #💬general chat for discussion about the library and talking to other users.
    • Use the #❓questions to post questions. The developers will try to get back to you as quickly as possible, but other users can help as well!
    • Use the #💡ideas if you have any ideas for the framework but don’t know how to implement them, or just want to throw in the suggestion.

Documentation Contents

This is the documentation for aPRAW, a wrapper library for Python to aid in performing asynchronous requests to the Reddit API and interacting with its data. It’s split into the following sections.